Guide: SharpSpring


1. How to connect SharpSpring to Databox

To use the SharpSpring integration, you will need to enter a custom name of your choice for the connection, the Account ID and Secret Key. You can find your Account ID & Secret Key in your SharpSpring Account under Settings > SharpSpring API > API Settings or click on this link.

SharpSpring also offers client accounts. To connect each client account as a new Data Source, the connect process needs to be repeated for each client.
You can do this by logging into each client account in the SharpSpring UI (top right corner) and visiting this link.

2. How to build a SharpSpring Databoard

Follow these steps in the  Databox Web Application:

 Click  Templates in the top menu
 In the search bar, type "SharpSpring" or filter by used Data Source
 Hover over your desired template and click Use Template
 If you have multiple SharpSpring accounts connected, select the one you want to use to populate the Databoard in the drop-down menu
Once the Template is pulled into your account, you have the ability to customize the Databoard using the  Databox Designer

Popular template

SharpSpring (Sales performance)
SharpSpring dashboard template provides you with insights from the sales performance report which will help you to track, and grow your sales.

Creating a custom Databoard

If you decide not to use a prebuilt Template, you have the ability to use the Designer to create a Databoard from scratch.  Learn how here

3. Most popular SharpSpring metrics


Opportunities Amount


Opportunities Lost

Opportunities Working


You can view a full list of all available SharpSpring Metrics here.

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