How to connect SQL databases using an SSH Tunnel

    SQL integrations are available in Plus and Business Accounts. Agency Basic Accounts have the ability to connect SQL Data Sources in the Agency Account only. Request a trial by following these steps


Which SQL Data Sources can connect using an SSH Tunnel?

It is currently possible to connect MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server Data Sources using an SSH Tunnel. 

How to connect SQL Data Sources using an SSH Tunnel


 Email [email protected] with the following information:

  • SSH hostname/IP for the SSH Tunnel
  • SSH username for the SSH Tunnel
  • Hostname/IP inside the network where Database is accessible
  • Database port

 Once we receive this information, we will create the SSH public/ private key . We will send the public key back to you


 Install the SSH key and contact [email protected] when this is complete


 At this point, we will provide information on Port and Host

Once the steps above are completed, you will be able to connect your SQL database with Databox.

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