Guide: Using PayPal with Databox


1. How to connect PayPal to Databox

 Navigate to Data Manager and click on + New connection button:


 Search for PayPal and click on Connect:

 Insert your API Username, API Password and API Signature.

Our PayPal Integration is currently only available to Premier or Business Accounts. Personal accounts are not supported.

1.1 How to find the API Username, Password and Signature:

 Login in to your PayPal account and click the profile icon on the top right side of the page. From the Business Profile menu select Profile and Settings.
 From the left menu click My selling tools. In the Selling online section click the Update link from the API Access item. You can also visit this link.

 Here you'll API Signature.

2. How to build an PayPal Databoard

Follow these steps in the  Databox Web Application:

 Click  Templates in the top menu
 In the search bar, type "PayPal" or filter by used Data Source
 Hover over your desired template and click Use Template
 If you have multiple PayPal accounts connected, select the one you want to use to populate the Databoard in the drop down menu
Once the Template is pulled into your account, you have the ability to customize the Databoard using the  Databox Designer

Popular template

PayPal (Account Overview)
This dashboard allows you to track all the key metrics for your company, starting from Gross Sales, Shipping costs, PayPal fees, and more

Creating a custom Databoard

If you decide not to use a prebuilt Template, you have the ability to use the the Designer to create a Databoard from scratch.  Learn how here

3. Most popular PayPal metrics

Balance Gross Sales Refunds

Account Overview (Several Metrics) Net Sales Gross Amount (Payments Sent)

You can view a full list of all available PayPal Metrics here.

4. Additional information

1. API only sends the last 100 transactions.
For example, if you have more than 100 transactions in the selected date range, the 101st will not be synced to Databox.

2. "Balance" and "Balance by Currency" do not have any historical data prior to when you first connect
For example, if you connect PayPal Today and use the Date Range "Last Month", no historical data will be shown just yet. However, data will accumulate over time.

3. Our PayPal Integration is currently only available to Premier or Business Accounts. Personal account are not supported.

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