How to select specific Dimensions on a Datablock

Choosing Dimensions allows you to report on individual items from a larger data set. Common examples including selecting specific Campaigns, Sources, Pipelines, Stages and Ad Group. 

There are many ways to accomplish this. All require that you use a Metric with Dimensions. 

1. Using a Pie Chart, Table, and Advanced Table, select the Multiple metrics options. Here you will add the same Metric for each Row or Column, while selecting a unique Dimension. 

2. Using a Bar Chart or Line Graph, select the Dimensions you want to include under the Dimension option.

3. Using a Number Block, select the Dimension you want to include under the Dimension option. Here you can choose one Dimension. 

4. Using a Multi-Tab Line Chart, add additional Tabs, select the same Metric and choose a unique Dimension. 

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