Guide: Using Google Sheets with Databox


How to connect a Google Sheet

    The ability to connect Google Sheets and access Query Builder is available in Plus and Business Accounts. Agency Basic Accounts have the ability to connect Google Sheets and access Query Builder in the Agency Account only. 

Navigate to  Data Manager > Query Builder to access the Query Builder for Google Sheets. Click the green + Create Custom Metric button and select your connected Google Sheet from the Data Source drop-down list.

How to create a Databoard using data from Google Sheets

The Google Sheets integration is completely custom, so there are no Basic Metrics available. All Custom Metrics must be built using the Query Builder for Google Sheets. Learn more about creating Custom Google Sheets Metrics here

Additional information

  • Due to a technical limitation, 1 user can only connect up to 50 Google Accounts in Databox. This includes all Google Data Sources, such as Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. When a single user connects a 51st Google Data Source, the 1st Google Data Source that they connected will disconnect.

    If you hit this limit, you can send requests to team members so they can connect the additional Google Data Sources. 
  • When you connect a Google Sheet in Databox, the connection is dependent on the location of the Google Sheet, the access level of the user who connected the Google Sheet, name of Google Sheet and the name of the Worksheets. If any of these are changed, the Data Source will disconnect in Databox. 
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