Guide: Using Google Sheets

Using Google Sheets you can create spreadsheets and edit them with others at the same time. All your documents are saved and stored in Google Drive.

Connect Google Sheets with Databox and start analyzing data using different Visualization Types in a minutes.


How to connect Google Sheets with Databox

 Navigate to "Data Manager" in the top menu and make sure that "Data Sources" is selected in the submenu.
 Click on the green "+ New Connection" button in the top right of the app.
 Find the Google Sheets logotype and click  "Connect".

Check here how to request credentials from a team member or client if you don't have the correct user permissions for connecting a Document.

  Login to your Google account when the popup window appears. Choose the appropriate Google Sheets account and File which you want to connect. Selected Spreadsheet with all tabs will be connected.

 Click "Activate".

That is it! You have successfully connected Google Sheets with Databox!

IMPORTANT! After connecting Google Sheets there won't be any Metrics available for this Data Source. You can build Metrics using Query Builder. Check here how to use a metric on a Databoard using a Designer.

Build a Google Sheets Databoard using Designer and Query Builder

You can build a Google Sheets databoard from scratch using the Designer and Google Sheets Query Builder. To learn more about the Google Sheets Query Builder, read this article.

Additional information

1. How many Google Sheets connections can I create?"
Because of a technical limitation it's only possible to connect up to 50 active Google account connections in Databox per Google account user. This applies for all Google Accounts combined (Ads, Analytics, Sheets). If you create a 51st connection, the first one connected will go into error.

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