How to troubleshoot viewing all Facebook Pages when connecting Facebook to Databox

When connecting Facebook Pages to Databox, you may not see all of the Facebook Pages you are Admin for as an option in the connection window. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this and get all Pages displayed in the connection window in Databox. 

 Navigate to the   Apps and Websites page in the Facebook Pages Account by clicking on the arrow in the top right of your Facebook Account and selecting Settings Apps and Websites
 In the Active Apps and Websites section, if  Databox is listed check the checkbox

 Click the blue Remove button and remove the app 
 Navigate to the Business Integrations page in your Facebook Pages Account
 In the  Active Business Integrations section, find Databox and check the checkbox
 Click the blue  Remove button and remove the app 
 In Databox, navigate to Data Sources and click + New Connection 
 Type  Facebook Pages in the search bar and click on the green  Connect button
 In the Authorization Window, click Choose what you allow and confirm that the appropriate Facebook Page is granted access


 Select the appropriate Facebook Page that you want to connect to Databox. The Facebook Pages available on this list are based on the Facebook Pages you granted access to in step 9

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