How to loop together Databoards from different Client Accounts

Using Carousel Mode, you can loop together Databoards from the same Databox Account. In this document, we walk through a way to loop together Databoards from different Databox Accounts. 

Agencies often use this strategy to create Databoard loops for different members of their team. For example, if Jim works with 6 Clients and focuses on SEO, he can loop together SEO Databoards from all 6 Client Accounts to produce a valuable view across Clients. 

This Chrome Plugin will load all added pages in the specified order and refresh the page after a set amount of time passes. No Data or Databoards are transfered across the Accounts.

 Install the Chrome Plugin URL Slideshow
 Open all of the Streaming URLs you want to loop together in your browser
 Start with the first Databoard you want to add to the loop. Right click the URL Slideshow icon and click Add this page 
 Repeat step #3 for all Streaming URLs you want to add to the loop
 Right click the  URL Slideshow icon and click Options 
 Here, you can set the Default URL Showing Time, select Start on browser start and/ or  Fullscreen viewing options, and update any URLs in the loop
 Click the  URL Slideshow icon to start the loop. Click the URL Slideshow icon again to stop the loop
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