How to Exclude or Rename a Dimension using Query Builder

Use the instructions below to rename or leave out a dimension and set rounding in Query Builder.

 Choose  "Data Manager" in the top menu bar and then select "Query Builder" in the submenu.
 Select an existing query and click on "Edit" or create a new one by clicking on the  "+ New query" button.
Check out this page to learn how to create a new custom metric.
 After running the query, scroll down to a " Data Preview and Transformations".

 Click on  "..." next to "Dimension" and then select "Rename dimensions" or "Skip dimensions".

Make sure you rename or skip dimensions before saving the query! 

You can rename or leave out multiple dimensions at once by clicking on the " +" button as shown below:


 To set the rounding for a metric, click on   "..." next to "Metric" and then select "Round metrics" in the dropdown menu:

In the pop-up, set the how many  decimal places you would like to round to by entering a number and clicking "Save".

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