Overview: Query Builder for Eventbrite


How to access the Query Builder for Eventbrite

Navigate to  Metrics > Query Builder to access the Query Builder for Eventbrite. Click the green + Create Custom Metric button and select your connected Eventbrite Account from the Data Source drop-down list.

    Query Builder is available on the Professional and Performer plans. Request a trial of Query Builder by following these steps.  

How to use the Query Builder for Eventbrite

  Custom Metric Name:  Enter a name for your Custom Metric. This Custom Metric name will be available in the Designer after saving. 
  Question: Select a Question from your connected EventBriite Data Source.
  Data Preview: After clicking  Run query, a Data Preview of the Custom Metric will be displayed. Daily Metric values are displayed in this section, along with aggregated values bolded at the bottom.

How to create a Custom Eventbrite Metric [Example]

In this example, we'll create a Custom Metric to report on "Job Role" responses for a recent seminar. 

 Navigate to Metrics > Query Builder   
 Click the green + New query button
 Select the appropriate Eventbrite Data Source
 We'll enter Job Role as the Custom Metric Name
 The Question we want to report on responses for is Please state your job role
 Click Run query to generate a Data Preview of the Custom Metric
 Once we confirm that these are the results we're looking for, we'll click Save to save the Custom Metric

How to add a Custom Eventbrite Metric to a Databoard

Learn how to add a Custom Metric to a Databoard here

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