Overview: LinkedIn Ads Query Builder

In this article, we will create a Custom Metric using LinkedIn Ads Query Builder in order to highlight the features and functionality of the tool. For this example, we will be creating a new metric that will give us the Impressions split up by Campaign for Text Ads. 


1. Basic Options

   Custom Metric Name (required): Create a name for your Custom Metric in this field. For all custom metrics, we recommend adding "(QB)" to the end of the metric name to differentiate between basic, custom and calculated metrics in the Account. 
We chose "Impressions by Campaign (Text Ads)" for our custom query name. When we're pulling this metric onto a Databoard, this is the metric name we will select. 
   Metric (required) : Select a metric from your connected LinkedIn Ads data source such as Clicks, Conversions, Leads, Avg CTR, Shares, Likes, Video Views, Video Completions etc.
You can find more information about metrics here.
   Dimensions (optional) : The  dimensions parameter breaks down or recategorizes metrics by common criteria, such as by Company Industry, Job Seniority, Company Size, Country or Campaign (like in our example).

When a Dimension is selected, values are segmented by the Dimension value. If a query has no  dimensions parameter, the returned metrics returned will provide aggregate values for the requested Date Range, such as overall Impressions for Last Month. 
   Date Range (required) : To display your data in the most valuable way possible, you will need to select Date  Range options. For custom metrics you can select up to 8 Date Ranges that you want available as option sin the Designer. To do this, just click on the Date Range dropdown menu and select your desired intervals. 
  Compare With (optional) : Select a time interval to compare your previously selected Date Ranges to. This will be used for the "previous line" on Line and Bar Charts, and for calculating percentage change on other Visualization Types. The options are for this field are  NonePrevious period and  Same period last year.

2. Advanced Options

In our example, we set a Filter in order to only retain data only for the Campaign Type "Text Ads."
   Filter by (optional) : You can filter results by Dimensions or by specific Metrics. Filters can be combined using      AND boolean logic. Filtered queries restrict the rows of data that do (or do not) get included in the final result. Each piece of data returned is tested against the Filter. If the Filter is true, the data is retained. If the Filter is false, the data is excluded from this query. 

3. Data preview

Once you Run the query, you will see all values for selected Metrics, Dimensions and Date Ranges in the Data Preview. At the bottom, you can see the total values bolded. To switch between Date Ranges, simply click on the different Tabs at the top of the Data Preview Table. 

When your query is ready, click Save query. This will create the new custom metric in the Databox system. 

By default, the custom metric will be added as a metric option under the selected LinkedIn Ads Account. In most cases, this should be left as is. However, it is possible to change the target Data Source by clicking on Change target data source in the top right of the query screen.


Rename Dimension:

It is possible to rename Dimensions that are returned from the custom query. The best practice is to rename all Dimensions before saving the query. You can do this by clicking  "..." next to "Dimension" and then selecting "Rename dimension"

Skip Dimension:

This functionality is useful when you want to exclude one or more Dimensions from the custom query. For example, this would be useful if you want to show data for all Campaigns except for one. Click  "..." next to "Dimension" and select "Skip dimension"

Round values:

Click  "..." next to "Value" and select "Round values." Enter the number of decimal places to be rounded to into field in popup, and values will be rounded accordingly.

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