How to verify Net New Smart List Contacts in Databox vs HubSpot

This document outlines how to verify the Data Choice: New Smart List Members from Databox's Smart List Query Builder against data directly in your HubSpot portal. We'll walk through an example to verify New Smart List Members for the Smart List called "Premier Partners (ALL)" and the Date Range: Last Month. 

Within Databox, the Custom Metric is set up as follows: 

We can then pull the Custom Metric onto a Databoard to see the total Net New Smart List Members for Last Month (October). 

To verify in HubSpot, first log into your HubSpot portal and navigate to Contacts > Lists

Once you find the Smart List you're pulling into Databox, click More > View list performance

You'll now see a graph called "List size over time." First, check the selected Date Range to ensure it matches what you're viewing in Databox. 

When you hover over the graph, you can see daily Smart List Member values that are stored for this Smart List. This is what we're accessing and pulling into Databox from HubSpot's API. 

To calculate Net New Smart List Members, simply subtract the Count of Contacts from the 1st day of the month from the Count of Contacts on the last day of the month. 

So, for our example, we would do 667 - 637 = 30 New Smart List Members for Last Month. This matches what we see within Databox for Last Month, so we were successfully be able to verify the New Smart List Members value between Databox and HubSpot. 

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