Can I connect a Google Ads Manager Account to Databox?

Due to API limitations, it is not possible to connect Google Ads Manager Accounts to Databox. Google Ads Manager (or MCC) Accounts are built for Agencies to manage multiple Client Accounts through a single login. 

It is recommended that Agencies connect their individual Client Google Ads Data Sources in their respective Client Accounts using unique logins. If your Agency only has access to a Manager Account, you can request credentials from your Clients so they can connect their own Google Ads Account in Databox. This would not give the Client direct access to the Databox Account. 

If you try to connect your Google Ads Manager Account in Databox, you will receive the following error message: "You are trying to run reports against a manager account. Reports can only be obtained for advertiser (non-manager) accounts. To get data, please reconnect Google Ads using correct (non-manager) account."

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