How to add more Client Accounts to your subscription

    Only Agency Accounts have access to Client Accounts. Learn more about how to become a Databox Agency Partner here

All Client Accounts are sold and upgraded in packs of 10. Client Account plans correspond to the Agency plan. For example, if you are on the Agency Basic Plan, you have 10 Client Basic Accounts.

For every paid Client Account, we add 1 Client Free Account to your subscription. Using the same example as above, if you have 10 Client Basic Accounts, you will also have access to 10 Client Free Accounts.

 To purchase additional 10-pack of Client Accounts, navigate to  Account > Plans & Billing 
 In the  Plans table, click on the  Add more client accounts hyperlink to open the corresponding window
If you don't see this option available, you may be on a Custom Plan or you've been grandfathered into the old pricing model. If this is the case, please contact our Support Team at [email protected] so we can help with your upgrade. 
 Click on the  Client licenses drop-down list and select your new plan. The monetary value in parenthesis represents how much will be added to your current subscription cost with the selected upgrade. 
Pro Tip: While you can't purchase individual Client Accounts on different plans, you are able to mix and match 10-packs of Client Accounts. For example, you may want some Clients to have Client Basic Accounts, and others to have Client Plus Accounts. In this case, you would want to purchase 10 Client Basic Accounts and 10 Client Plus Accounts. 

This plan change is possible, but it is not currently available in-app. Please contact our Support Team at [email protected] so we can help with your upgrade. 

 Click on the green  Change plan button to finalize your plan change

Pro Tip: Client Free Accounts may not automatically update to the newly selected plan. Learn how to change the Client Account plan here
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