How much historical data is synced with Databox?

The amount of historical data that syncs with Databox differs for each Data Source depending on a number of factors including:

  • How much historical data we can fetch initially upon connecting that Data Source
  • How much data is accessible through the Data Source's API
  • Any other limits the Data Source sets on how much data can be synced

Upon connecting a new Data Source we sync as much data as possible through an initial fetch. Below is a table outlining the amount of historical data we can initially fetch from each Data Source. From there, we accumulate more data over time based on how long the Data Source has been connected to Databox. 

For example, let's say you've connected Google Analytics to Databox on June 1st. Through the initial fetch we sync 3 months of historical data. It's now October 1st, or 4 months since originally connecting the Data Source. We'll now have 7 months of historical data (3 months from the initial fetch + 4 months of data accumulated since connecting the Data Source). 

*Please note that through Query Builder you can create Custom Metrics to sync more historical data. Query Builder is not available for all Data Sources. 

If you are attempting to use a Date Range that's longer than the amount of historical data available, either no or partial data will be displayed. 

Here is a table with initial fetch historical data for all integrations:

Historical data on first fetch (connect) 
Accuranker 12 months
Ahrefs Current day
Active Campaign Current day
Adobe Analytics 3 months
Bing Ads 3 months
BitBucket Limited
CallRail 15 months
Campaign Monitor Current day
Chart-beat current day
Drift 3 months
Eventbrite 24 months
Facebook Pages 2 months
Facebook Ads 3 months
GitHub current day + 1 month
Google AdSense / AdMob 3 months
Google AdWords 24 months
Google Analytics 3 months
Google Play Console 2 months
Google Search Console 12 months
Harvest 25 months
Helpscout Docs 3 months
Helpscout Mailbox 3 months
HubSpot Marketing 24 months
HubSpot CRM 12 months
Instagram Limited
Instagram Business 24 months
Intercom some metrics current, history 30 days
Intrix CRM 2 months
iTunes Connect 90 days
Jira 24 months
Klaviyo 24 months
LinkedIn 24 months
LinkedIn Ads 24 months
Localytics Year to date
Mailchimp Current day
Marketo Current day
Mediatoolkit 30 days
Mixpanel 2 months
Moz Current day
Optimizely Current day
PayPal Limited
Pipedrive CRM 60 days
Profitwell 36 months
Copper 12 months
QuickBooks 24 months
Salesforce CRM 90 days
SEMRush 3 months
SendGrid 3 months
Seventh Sense 14 months
Shopify 2 months
Stripe Limited
Teamwork projects 12 months
Twitter Current day
Vimeo Current day
VOIQ 3 months
Wistia Current day
WooCommerce 36 months
Xero 3 months
Youtube Year to date
Zendesk Current day

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