How to use the "Until" field

The Until field allows you to offset the selected Date Range(s) by a set amount. This is an advanced functionality in Databox. 


How to access the Until field

Access the Until field by opening the Advanced Settings window. You can open the Advanced Settings window by following these steps.

How to use the Until field [Example]

Let's say we want to calculate List Growth for our ActiveCampaign Lists. In order to do that, we must use the Metric Lists by Active Contacts and create a Data Calculation for the following: 

List Growth = (Lists by Active Contacts: Current Date Range Value) - (Lists by Active Contacts: Previous Date Range Value)

If we wanted to look at this month's List Growth, we would want to use the equation (Lists by Active Contacts: This Month) - (List by Active Contacts: Last Month). If we wanted to look at Today's List Growth, we would want to use the equation (Lists by Active Contacts: Today) - (Lists by Active Contacts: Yesterday). 

Therefore, we need to offset the 2nd Metric in the equation so it is always pulling data for the previous period of whichever Date Range is selected. 

 Start by creating a simple Data Calculation that subtracts Lists by Active Contacts from itself 
(List by Active Contacts) - (Lists by Active Contacts)
 Click on the 2nd Metric in the equation and click on the Settings icon to open the Advanced Settings window
 Since we want to offset every Date Range by 1 full period, we will enter -1 in the Until field
 In the Data Preview, you can see exactly which dates data is being synced for the selected Date Range. When we select This Month, it will show dates from the previous month. When we select Today it will show dates from yesterday. This is exactly what we need for the 2nd Metric in our Data Calculation. 
 Click the green Save button in the Advanced Settings window to save this update
 Click the green Save button in the Data Calculations window to save the Calculated Metric
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