How to use the "Until" field

The Until field allows you to offset the selected Date Range(s) by a set amount. This is an advanced functionality in Databox. 


How to access the Until field

The "Until" field can be found in the Advanced Settings window. Learn more here

How to use the Until field [Example]

In Databox, "This Year" is set to display data from January to December. It is currently only possible to report on fiscal or financial years in Databox using the "Until" functionality. 

Let's say it's July 12th and our fiscal year goes from July 1st to June 30th. Follow the steps below to offset "This Year" to look at data for July through June. 

 In the Designer, add a Datablock to your Databoard. Select your Data Source, Metric, and This Year as the Date Range
 Open the Advanced Settings window
 In the Until field, enter 6. This will offset the start date from January 1st (default) to July 1st (6 months later) 
Pro Tip: The Until field works in conjunction with the Granularity selection. If Granularity is set to Monthly, 3 will offset the Date Range by 3 months. If Granularity is set to Daily, 3 will offset the Date Range by 3 days
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