How to Embed a Databoard on a Webpage

Embedding a Databoard on a webpage allows Databox users to share live, interactive Databoards with their audience.

Use the instructions below to embed a Databoard on a Webpage.

Let’s try it out!

 Log in to the  Databox web application
 Choose "Databoards" in the top menu bar
 "Edit" a Databoard that you would like to embed
 Click the share icon on top of the Designer window to open up the “Share Databoard” settings and select "Live access" tab

 Click on the Embed menu item in the Share Databoard popup window. 

 Copy and paste the generated code to the code (HTML) view of the desired your website, blog, wiki, etc. 

That's it! You have successfully embedded a Databoard on a webpage.

Tooltips, switching between Date Ranges, and Looping Databoards in Carousel Mode will all work identical to the functionality of the Streaming URL. If the Databoard is password protected, the password screen will appear first. IP protected Databoard will work only on those IPs.

Note that the embedded Databoard will adjust the width of the iframe to whatever the container's (page's) width is, while height keeps the same width to height ratio.
If you'd like a custom size (e.g. portrait mode), you will have to either set a fixed width / height when embedding (not responsive), or programmatically adjust the iframe size on your own page when the device's size changes. This is because we cannot control the page layout outside the iframe.
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