Why is the comparison percentage different in HubSpot vs Databox?

The comparison percentage is different in HubSpot vs Databox when we are comparing months with 2 different lengths. 

Let's say we're reporting on the number of Emails Sent in June compared to Emails Sent in May (previous period).

  • June 1-30: Emails Sent: 65,197
  • Comparison Change in Databox: down 50.28%
    • This shows the comparison of all of June vs all of May
      • May 1-31: Emails Sent: 131,140 
    • This is calculated through the following equation: [(131,140 - 65,197) / 131,140]*100 = 50.28%
  • Comparison Change in HubSpot: down 46.2%
    • This shows the comparison of all of June vs the last 30 days of May
      • May 2-31: Emails Sent: 121,184
    • This is calculated through the following equation:  [(121,184 - 65,197) / 121,184]*100 = 46.2%
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