How to Manually Enter Data to Databoards using Terminal

This document outlines how to manually enter data onto a Databoard using Terminal. This is a strategy for entering a small number of custom metrics to Databox. For larger groups of data, we would recommend using Google Sheets or one of our SQL Data Sources

 Open the Databoard you want to manually enter data to in the Designer
 Drag and drop a Datalock from the Visualization Types list onto your Databoard
 Click on the Terminal icon in the bottom left of the Designer
 In the Terminal window, the first line of text reads  "$new_metric": xxx,  

Replace "new_metric" with the Metric name of your choice. Be sure to keep all other symbols as is

 Replace " xxx" with the Metric value you want to sync
 The second line of text specifies the date and time that this metric is recorded for. You can adjust the date and time so the data is entered during the Date Range you prefer. For example, if you want to use the Date Range "This Month" on the Datablock, make sure you select a date and time that falls in this month

Note: the format for entering the date is YYYY-MM-DD. The format for entering the time is HH:MM:SS in 24-hour clock format (i.e., 2 PM = 14:00:00)

 At the bottom of the window, select the Access token. This is the Data Source where the data is stored. "Token" is the default Data Source to push custom data to. You can create a new Token by navigating to Data Manager > + New Connection > Push Custom Data (API)

 To enter data for another Metric or to sync more data for the same Metric, add a comma after the closing brace }. Copy everything from within the section with the braces (include the braces) and paste it on the next line. This must be pasted within the square brackets, but after the comma


 Repeat steps 4-8 until you have entered all data that you would like to sync

 Click  Push. If everything was executed correctly, you will see the message "Status: 200 OK" 
 In Datablock Settings, select the Access token from step 7 as the Data Source
 Select the Metric name that you entered in step 4 as the Metric
  Customize the Datablock Title, Date Ranges, etc. to complete the process
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