How to Downgrade to Agency Free

This article outlines how to downgrade a paid Agency Account to an Agency Free Account. 

  Before downgrading your Account, you must check your Agency and Client Accounts to ensure they fall below the Agency Free limits.  Those limits are as follows: 
  • Maximum of 10 Databoards and 10 Data Sources in the Agency Account.
  • Maximum of 10 Client Accounts, each with a maximum of 3 Databoards and 3 Data Sources. 

To check your Agency Account limits, click Plans & Billing in the Account dropdown menu. 

To check your Client Account limits, click  Client in the Account dropdown menu. 

  Once you have verified that all Accounts fall below the Agency Free limits, navigate to the Plans & Billing page from the Account dropdown menu. 

  Click Change Plan

  Click the Agency Free Plan button to successfully move your Account to the Agency Free plan. This will only be possible if all Accounts fall below the Agency Free limits. 

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