Overview: Datablock Library

The Datablock Library consists of over 3,000 pre-built Datablocks based off commonly used Metrics and Visualization Types to help you build new Databoards faster. 


You can find the Datablock Library in two places within Databox.

  1. Within Designer start by selecting the Data Source you want to add to your Databoard. Below you'll find a menu of pre-built Datablocks, comprised of the most popular metrics for the Data Source that you’ve selected. Simply drag-and-drop any of these Datablocks into your Databoard and the data will populate automatically.


2. Within the Metrics screen you'll find Datablocks for Basic Metric, Custom Metrics and Calculated Metrics. Navigate to Data Manager > Metrics then use Filter by dropdown menu on the top right to select your Data Source. From there you'll find Datablocks for each type of metric. You can select a Datablock and add it to a Databoard to start building a new dashboard. 

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