Overview: Mobile App

With the Databox Mobile App, you can check all your KPI's anytime, anywhere. 


How to download the Mobile App

Databox's Mobile App can be downloaded on any iOS or Android device. Navigate to the App Store on iOS devices or the Google Play Store on Android Devices. Search for Databox. Download the Databox app and enter your login credentials to access your Databox Account.

Pro Tip: The iOS Databox Mobile App can also be used with an Apple Watch. Learn more about this here.  

How to use the Mobile App


How to view and manage Databoards

To view and manage Databoards, navigate to the Databoards page. Click on the square icon in the top left to quickly flip through the Databoards in your Account. Click Customize Databoard to manage settings for the Databoard.

How to select Favorite Metrics

To select Favorite Metrics, navigate to Favorites and click on the + button in the top right of the app. From here, you can select the Data Source, Metric, and Date Range that you want to select for your Favorite Metrics page. 

How to manage Goals

To manage Goals, navigate to the Goals page. Click on the filter icon in the top right to select the Date Range, Goal Owner, and Tags that you want to view.

Learn more about Goals here

How to view Insights Activity Stream

To view your Insights Activity Stream, navigate to the Insights page. Click on the filter icon in the top right to customize the Insights that show up on your Insights Activity Stream. 

Learn more about the Insights Activity Stream here

How to manage Profile Settings

Navigate to Account > Profile Settings to manage your Profile Settings.

How to create and manage Scorecards

Navigate to Account > Scorecard to view all Scorecards. Click on the + button in the top right of the app to create a new Scorecard.

Learn more about Scorecards here

How to create and manage Alerts

Navigate to  Account > Alerts to view all Alerts. Click on the + button in the top right of the app to create a new Alert.

Learn more about Alerts here

How to create and manage Users

Navigate to  Account > Manage Users to view all Users. Click on any User to view more information. This will only be possible if your User Permissions allow it. 

Learn more about User Management here

How to switch between Client Accounts

    Only Agency Accounts have access to Client Accounts. Learn more about how to become a Databox Agency Partner here

To switch between Client Accounts, navigate to the  Account page. Click Clients in the top right of the app to switch between Client Accounts.

Learn more about Client Accounts here

How to log out of the Mobile App

Navigate to the Account page. Click Log Out in the top right of the app to log out of the Account.

How to hide select Databoards on the Mobile App

 From the desktop app, navigate to the Databoards page
 Hover over the Databoard that you want to hide on the Mobile App. Click on the ... icon
 Select Hide on mobile to hide the Databoard on the Mobile App
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