Why is the Datasource in Beta

What exactly does it mean that a connector is in a Beta state? It's simple... this is a newer integration so it's available for use, but there may be some unreported issues with it. If you're using an integration that is in Beta, we especially appreciate any feedback/ troubleshooting you can send our way. 

Conditions for an integration to leave the Beta state:

  • There are no technical problems with the connection
  • Data is valid (there are no data inconsistency reports from customers)
  • More than 20 paying customers have connected the data source

How to find a connector that's in Beta


 Log in to our web application.


 Navigate to the Data Manager in the top menu.


 Click on the green "+ New Connection" button in the top right of the app.


 Once you're on this page, select "Beta" or "All" from the right filter options.



  Connect desired data source.

That's it! You have successfully created a connection between Databox and the data source!

How to build a databoard using a Beta Connector

Since beta connectors are newer, we don't typically have any predefined datablocks or templates available. In order to build a databoard, you'll need to start from scratch. In this article, you can read about how to create a new databoard.

Help us with Beta testing

We’re looking for partners who have an interest in helping us develop our new connectors. We mainly need partners to tell us which metrics we should pull from each app so that appropriate databoards and templates can be built. If you're interested in helping join our Beta testing program.

Not seeing a data

If you're not able to find a data source in the Data Manger after adjusting the filter options, you can assume that there is not currently a native connector available. You can request a new data source here.

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