Help us with Designing and Beta Testing New Integrations

At Databox, we are always building new connectors/integrations with other software. We prioritize the integrations that are most requested by our users. Unfortunately, we don't always have intimate knowledge of the tools we're asked to integrate with. 

So, we’re looking for partners who have an interest in helping us. Mostly, we need partners to tell us which metrics we should pull from each app, so it becomes easy for our customers and partners to design databoards and templates. 

When you help us design or build a new integration, we will allow you to use the new connection inside your own account without paying for an additional datasource. We will also contact you immediately when the datasource is added so you can try it and give us feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Preference will be given to our Certified partners, but  this program is open to all users including our free users. To apply, contact our support team and we will contact you when we need your help.

Currently, we're building these integrations: 

For now we are searching for partners who have experience with the following tools and services:
  • Twitter Ads
  • Zendesk
  • Campaign Monitor

How to request other connections

If you would like to help with other connections please read this article about requesting new integrations. 

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