Data Calculations

So you want to sum all revenues from different stores? 

Calculate your Follow to Unfollow ratio? 

Combine values from different sources

All this and more can be done by our new feature,  "Data Calculations"

Data Calculations are still in private beta and therefore enabled only for certain accounts. There is currently no active support for this feature.

As you can see, Data Calculations are a great addition to your experience with Databox.


Where to find Data Calculations in Databox Web Application

 Login to the Databox web application.
 Click on "Data Manager" in the top  menu bar and then select "Data Calculations" in the submenu .
If you don't see the "Data Calculations" option in your account please contact us and we will enable this feature for your account.

How to add a new Data Calculation

There are two ways to create a calculated metric in Databox Web Application.

Option #1:

 In "Data Manager" select "Data Calculations" in the submenu and click on the green "+ New calculation" button on the top right.
 In the popup,  click on "A", "B" or "C" to add metrics for a new calculated metric.

If you want to switch the operator or add parentheses just click on "+" (or any operator sign in the calculation).

 Change the  metric name for a new calculated metric (this metric will be visible in all used datasources).
Date range in this window is only used for a preview. You can use all possible date ranges (available for used metrics) for this new metric, after saving Data Calculation, in your Databoard.
 Optional: select format and scale if you want to change default settings.
 Click on the green "Save" button to save your new calculated metric.
 Add newly created metric to your Databoard.

Option #2:

 In Databox designer, add an empty Datablock on desired Databoard.
 In the properties panel,  select a data source which you want to use in data calculation.
 Click on "+ Calculate 2 or more metrics" text below the metric dropdown.
 Follow steps 2-6 from option #1.

If you have any additional questions regarding Data Calculations, do not hesitate to ask our support team on [email protected] or click here. We will be happy to help you!

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