How to use Annotations

The annotations tool gives you the ability to interpret KPIs and inform end users when something noticeable has impacted the data. You can use annotations to indicate when you launched a new marketing campaign, when a newsletter has been sent out, or when seasonal events (like special sales) may have occurred.


Annotations are short text notices that can be linked to your graph for a specific point in time.

Annotations can be added and seen on the following time series charts:

  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Combo Chart
  • Multi-tab Chart
  • Heat Map

An annotation is bound to a specific data source and metric, so it will be visible on all other (supported) charts that have the same data source and metric selected as well. Click here to see all available visualization types.

How to add annotations

Annotations can be added directly from the Databox web application.

 Login to the Databox web application


 Open a Databoard in Preview or Designer mode


 Scroll over a chart (see supported charts above) to find the desired time frame. Click Annotate to add an annotation to the specific date / time you're interested in.

 Type your annotation directly in the Annotation box on the chart.
 Click the green text bubble icon to save/publish your annotation.

Who can view/edit annotations?

  • Users that have access to view a databoard can see annotations
  • Users that have access to edit a Databoard can see and edit annotations. This includes all adminstrators, the databoard creator and Editors that have access to that particular databoard.

Where users can view and edit annotations?

  • In the Databox Webapp via Preview popup, Designer and Desktop view: VIEW and EDIT capabilities

  • Databoard public URL: VIEW only

Will I see an annotations when switching the chart granulation?

  • When you add an annotation to a daily granularity chart, we save it for this day at 00:00. Therefore, they will be seen on hourly granularity charts too (at the beginning of the day).

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