What do I do if I’m trying to add a user who is already in the Databox system?

In Databox, you can only register an email address one time. If you get the “user already exists” message, here are the steps to follow in order to get the user added.



Determine your course of action by answering the following questions:

A: Do you want to delete access to the other account?

If the answer is yes, send an email to [email protected] with this request. Make sure you include the email address you’re dealing with, the account you’d like to delete it from, and the account you’d like to add it to.

B: Do you want to give the email address access to this account while still having access to the other account?

If so, you must make a slight change to the email address so the system doesn’t recognize it as a direct match. This can be done using the “+” operation. For example, if “ [email protected]” already had access to account A but you wanted them to have access to account A and account B, you could add them as a user in account B with the email address “[email protected].” This will still direct all emails to the primary email address ([email protected]) but they gain access through this extended version.

You can replace the "+example" text with any text you want! For example: "[email protected]" or "[email protected]", etc..

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