Partner Criteria

Our partner program gives agencies the opportunity to take their reporting and analytics to the next level through webinars, personalized training, and co-marketing opportunities. They are all listed in our  Partner Directory.

A partner can be classified in one of three ways: 

1. Partner

Any approved agency (application Requires an active account and a quick interview to ensure product proficiency.

2. Certified Partner

Must have at least 3 client accounts with a minimum of 4 databoards per client and 4 data sources per client. 

3. Premier Partner

Must have at least 9 client accounts with a minimum of 7 databoards per client, 5 data sources per client and 2 users per client.

Right now, moving a partner to certified or premier levels is a manual process. Please send [email protected] a note when you cross the threshold to a new partner level. 
The tiering system will be more sophisticated and algorithm-based in the future. The best way to ensure you remain certified and/or premier is to frequently use all of the features of the product and fully roll out the mobile app to clients. We will use product usage as a proxy for how data-driven and ROI focused you are.
For now, the benefits of being a certified and premier partner are merely the different badge and preferential placement in the directory. We will restrict some future benefits to higher level partners as we develop the program.
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