Required user Roles & Permissions for Connecting HubSpot

Before you connect Hubspot Marketing & Hubspot CRM/Sales, you need to make sure you have the correct permissions selected. Please contact your account owner to set permissions for your user.
To be able to also see blog and email related data, you need to connect your HubSpot account with Super Admin Permissions:

Hubspot Marketing

To connect HubSpot Marketing, you will need Marketing Access and 'Write and Publish' permissions for Blog, Landing Pages and Email. Here's how to set this up in your HubSpot portal:

HubSpot has updated their user permission requirements, so there are a lot of nuances that are now involved. Because of that, to ensure you are able to access the full content scope (Landing Pages, Blogs, etc.), we recommend you connect the HubSpot portal to Databox with Super Admin user permissions. 

Hubspot CRM/Sales

Within HubSpot CRM, navigate to Settings > Users & Teams. To connect HubSpot CRM/Sales, you will need one of the following:

1. Sales Access

2. Marketing Access and ' Write and Publish' permissions for Blog, Landing Pages and Email. See the steps above to set these permissions.

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