How to share a Databoard Snapshot

Databoard Snapshots can be shared with anyone, regardless of whether they have a Databox account set up. 

How to share a Databoard Snapshot

  Log in to the Databox web application.


 Navigate to "Databoards" in the top menu bar.


 There are two ways to complete the next step:

1. Directly from Databoards page:

Select a databoard which you want to share and click on "Share Databoard"icon.

2. From Designer's top toolbar:

Select a databoard which you want to share  and  click  on "Edit" icon.

Click on the share icon in the Designer. This will open the databoard streaming settings.


 Click on  "Scheduled snapshot" tab.


 Enter the email addresses that you want to share this Databoard with. Separate email addresses with commas.
 Enter an email subject.


 Set Frequency. You can send a snapshot right away or schedule them to be periodically sent.
The options are Daily (by defining the time),  Weekly (by defining the day of the week),  Monthly (by defining the day of the month) or  Quarterly (when set to Quarterly it will be sent on the 1st day of each quarter at 9:00 AM).
Defining the sharing interval only the defines the moment a Databoard will be captured and sent to the recipient. This has no impact on any date ranges set on the Databoard.

 Add a note if you want to describe metrics or provide additional context, then click the "Schedule" button to save settings for sharing a scheduled snapshot or "Send" to send a snapshot right now.
An email with an attached jpg showing the databoard at the specified moment in time will be sent to recipients. 

All scheduled events will be listed at the bottom of the popup and can be either edited (click on pen icon on the left) or deleted (red trashcan icon on the right).

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