Overview: Date Ranges

One of the huge benefits of Databox is the ability to view multiple date ranges in one report. However, you need to make sure you understand what each date range actually pulls in to create the appropriate reports. 

Most time intervals are relatively straightforward... "Today" pulls metrics from midnight to the current time, while "All Time" pulls information from the first push ever to the most recent push. There also some date ranges where it's important to note the distinction between when it starts and ends. For example, "Last 24 Hours" pulls from 24 hours ago --> 1 hour ago. 

The table below gives you an overview of each interval, and what it is pulling

Range From To

Today midnight current time
Yesterday yesterday 00:00 yesterday 23:59 (11:59 PM)
Last 24 Hours 24 hours ago 1 hour ago
Last 7 Days 7 days ago yesterday 23:59 (11:59 PM)
Last 14 Days 14 days ago yesterday
Last 28 Days 28 days ago yesterday
Last 30 Days 30 days ago yesterday
Last 90 Days 90 days ago yesterday
Last 180 Days 180 days ago yesterday
Last 3 Months 3 months ago yesterday
Week to date Sunday/Monday today
This Week first day of current week last day of current week
Last Week last Sunday/Monday last Saturday/Sunday
Month to date first day of current month today
This Month first day of current month last day of current month
Last Month first day of previous month last day of previous month
Quarter to date      first day of current quarter today
This Quarter first day of current quarter last day of current quarter
Last Quarter first day of previous quarter      last day of previous quarter
Year to date first day of current year today
This Year first day of this year last day of this year
Last Year first day of last year last day of last year
Year 365 days ago today
All Time oldest pushed data most recent pushed data

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