Why is there a data discrepancy or inconsistency?

If you identify differences between the data you're seeing in Databox vs the data you're seeing in the Data Source's UI (i.e., in your Google Analytics Account, HubSpot Account, etc.), follow the process outlined below to learn how to troubleshoot and submit a ticket for your case. 


How to troubleshoot data inconsistencies

There are a number of reasons why you may see differences between data in your Data Source's UI and data in your Databox reports. Before contacting Databox's Support Team, we recommend checking the following.

 Check the last sync time of the Data Source in Databox by following these steps. For paid Databox Accounts, most Data Sources are set to sync hourly. For free Databox Accounts, most Data Sources are set to sync daily. 
Learn more about how much historical data is initially synced for each Data Source here
 In the Data Source's UI, make sure any filters in place match the filters you have set in Databox. This includes selected Date Ranges, Dimensions, Properties, etc. in both Databox and the Data Source's UI. 
Learn more about what's being synced for each Date Range here
 Verify the Metric you're viewing in the Data Source's UI is the same as the Metric you're viewing in Databox. Use the Metrics page to learn more about what each Metric is reporting on in Databox. 

How to submit a data inconsistency report

There may be cases when there are issues with the Data Source connection that results in inaccurate data on your Databox reports. If you believe this is the case, please contact Databox's Support Team by following these steps

Be sure to include screenshots from the Data Source's UI in your message to limit the back and forth that will be necessary to resolve the case. 

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