How do I submit a data inconsistency issue with Databox?

With so many metrics being pulling into Databox from all different data sources, we occasionally get reports of data inconsistency issues. This means that the numbers you’re seeing in your data source (i.e., your HubSpot account) do not identically match the numbers that are reflected in Databox. 

This could be due to a number of reasons. First, check to make sure the filters are the same in your data source as they are in Databox. All date ranges and properties must be replicated in your Databox account in order to produce identical results. 

In some cases, you might not be sure what a specific metric is pulling vs what metric you’re actually looking for/ expecting it to pull. If this is the case, we need to hear about it so we can make sure all metric names are self-explanatory. For example, we recently updated HubSpot lifecycle stages. Instead of the metric “Leads,” we split it into “New Leads” and “Leads from Visits.”

Lastly, there may be some cases where there are issues with the connector and inaccurate data is being displayed. For this scenario, the more information you provide, the easier it is for our team to identify and fix the issue

In every report regarding data inconsistencies, there are key pieces of information that we must receive in order for our team to investigate the issue.

 Databox account name (i.e., “Tory Sher,” “Agency X,” “Client Y under Agency X account”).
 Title of the Databoard that inaccurate data is being displayed on.
 Summary of what the problem is.
 Supporting materials including images and/ or videos (see below).

There are a few ways you can share “supporting materials” with Databox.

For the following example, we’re going to pretend we have data inconsistency issues between Databox and HubSpot CRM. 

  1. Take clear screenshots of the metric in your HubSpot CRM account. Make sure we can see any filters, views, or properties that are enabled.
    Then, show us what you’re seeing in your Databox account. Please include screenshots in the Designer so we can see what’s being displayed on the databoard as well as the metric name in the properties panel.
  2. Use a recording program (such as RecordIt) to walk us through the problem. This is useful for us to see what filters are being applied in your HubSpot portal, and how the information is being viewed. Make sure you toggle back to your Databox account as well, so we can see where you’re expecting the information to populate and where the inconsistency lies. 

When all of this information is compiled, you can send it to [email protected] or just click here.

After receiving your request, our engineers will start digging into the software and the connectors to determine where the problem lies. We may contact you to request access to your account so that we have the ability to see the data from both sides. 

By formatting your data inconsistency reports in the way outlined above, our team has all of the resources we need to make sure your databoards are displaying perfect information in a quick and efficient manner. 

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