How to use Databox in your Sales Process

Databox gives you the ability to show potential clients what you can do for them, rather than just telling them.

Follow these simple steps to get some insight on potential clients and use that in your sales process. 

 Create a client account for them (this can always be deleted later) 
 Get them to connect their datasources OR ask them to add you to their accounts, so you can connect for them.
  Use our (or your) templates and look at their data before your meeting.
 Ask them about goals and set up the goals in Databox as you do. Maybe set up some alerts for areas of concern
 Show them the missed opportunities and issues as you present their numbers back to them. 
Essentially, you're showing them how you dissect data to find issues and opportunities, as well as to plan out your activities -- all to hit their goals. Your'e also demonstrating your ability to be data-driven. But, you're using dashboards as a visual, so that "how you do what you do" doesn't seem so hypothetical.

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