How to Submit a Guest Blog Idea

This article outlines the steps to take in order to submit Guest Blog Post ideas and Guest Blog Posts for the Databox blog. 


How to submit a Guest Blog Post idea

If you have an idea for a guest post for the Databox blog, please submit it through this form. We will contact you with next steps if we think your article will be a good fit for our blog.

How to qualify as a Guest Blog Post author

Your submission must be original content that has not previously been published on any other site.

The main goal of your guest post should be educational, not promotional. However, you can include 2-3 links to your website as long as they are contextually relevant to the content.

You must have a free or paid Databox account to be eligible to write for our blog, so that we can ensure you have a minimum understanding of our products and market. We reserve the right to edit your post and add content and links to other pages of our website in your post.

How to determine an appropriate topic for your Guest Blog Post

Some main topics that we cover on the Databox blog include...

  • Using data to improve marketing, sales or service
    • Metric-driven ways to solve business problems
    • We love new and underutilized tactics
    • Real stories about times when data created a new insight
  • Anything about the tools we integrate with:
    • HubSpot, Google Analytics, Facebook ads, Drift, Wistia, Helpscout, Shopify, etc.
    • Show the products and how they work
    • Talk about the metrics the tools improve.
    • Bonus if you can share real stories of the results you’ve generated

How to determine an appropriate format for your Guest Blog Post

Some Blog Post formats that our audience is receptive to include...

  • “How To” posts
  • Stories that dig into one specific example
  • List posts
  • How your agency executes services

How to review your Guest Blog Post

All Guest Blog Posts should include the following.

  • Title and Subtitle
  • An introduction
  • Images/Screenshots where necessary
  • Actionable section headers formatted in “Heading 3." Actionable headers should be used so readers can skim the post if needed.
  • Databoard that shows a way that you can measure the particular KPI(s) using a current Databox Data Source. A full list of integrated Data Sources can be found here.
    • Preferably, make it a Public Template so readers can reuse it easily. You can submit a Databoard to the public Template Directory by following these steps.
    • Include a screenshot, and we will format it properly
  • A Conclusion
  • Minimum: 1000 words

How to submit your Guest Blog Post

  • Create a Google Doc and  share it with [email protected]
  • Be prepared for some light editing from the editor
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