How to set Filters for Google Analytics Views and connect them with Databox

You can use filters in Google Analytics view to exclude or include data in your reports. When you create views with filters, it is possible to connect that specific Google Analytics view directly into Databox. This connection now only contains filtered data. It is also possible to just connect the default "All Web Site Data" view, and then segment the data with our Query Builder.

In this article:

Add new View with Filter in Google Analytics

 Sign in to Google Analytics.
 Click Admin, and navigate to the view in which you want to create the filter (If you want to add new view, go to the next step).
 Create new view if you do not have any views (If you want to learn how to add new view check out  this article).
 In the VIEW column, click Filters and then select "+ New Filter"(Select Create new Filter)
 Enter a name for the filter.
 Select Predefined filter to select from the predefined filter types.
Read more about Predefined filters here.
 Select Custom filter to construct a custom filter from the options which are provided.
Read more about definitions of the Custom filter fields.
 From the Available views list, select the views to which you want to apply the filter, then click Add.
 Click Save.
In this example we will add filters which will include only organic searches from the United States:
  • Filter which includes only traffic from US

  • Filter which includes only organic search traffic

Here is a video from Google which is part of the course on Analytics Academy and explains filters.

Connect custom View from Google Analytics to Databox

 Sign in to Databox Web Application.
 Click on the Data Manager tab and select " + New connection" (green button on top right)
 Select Google Analytics.
 Select Account, property and VIEW (if you have only one property or view, it will automatically select this one)

Filters require up to 24 hours before they are applied to your data!

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