Overview: Streaming URL

Databoards can easily be shared and accessed through the Streaming URL. The Streaming URL is a unique page outside of the Databox app where your Databoards are accessible. 

By sharing the Streaming URL with your team, Clients, executive team, etc., you can ensure everyone has one central location to access the appropriate reports. The Streaming URL will display your Databoard(s) with the same Date Range options, visualizations, and data sync frequency as you have set in the Databox Account. 


How to access Streaming URLs

To access Streaming URLs, navigate to the  Databoards and hover over the Databoard whose Streaming URL you want to access. Click on the Share Databoard icon to open the Share Databoard window. 

 Navigate to the  Databoards page   
 Hover over the Databoard whose Streaming URL you want to access. Click on the Share Databoard icon. 
Pro Tip: If you want to access the Streaming URL for a Carousel of Databoards, click the Share Databoards icon for the first Databoard in the Carousel. 
 Click on the Streaming URL tab at the top of the Share Databoard window
 Click the green Copy button to copy the Streaming URL to your clipboard

How to use Streaming URLs

  Share: Share options allow you to select whether you want to copy the public URL yourself or if you would like to share it via email. 
  Copy: If you choose the Share vis Public URL, you have direct access to the Streaming URL. Click the green Copy button to save the Streaming URL to your clipboard. 

  Open in new window: This link allows you to open the Streaming URL right away in a new window.
  Revoke Token: Other than deleting the Databoard, clicking  Revoke token is the only way to generate a new Streaming URL. Otherwise, the Streaming URL associated with the Databoard will remain the same. 
  Carousel Mode: Carousel Mode allows you to loop multiple Databoards together to create one centralized Streaming URL to host your full report.
  Limited to IP addresses: By default, Streaming URLs are accessible through their unique web addresses. You can further protect your Databoards by restricting access to the Streaming URL to specific IP addresses. 
  Password protected: For added security, you can add a password to protect your Streaming URL. This password must be entered before the Databoards are accessible through the Streaming URL. 

How to loop Databoards together in Carousel Mode

Learn how to loop Databoards together in Carousel Mode here.

How to further secure Streaming URLs


How to limit access to Streaming URLs by IP Address

 Navigate to the  Databoards page    
Hover over the Databoard whose Streaming URL you want to access. Click on the Share Databoard icon. 
 Click on the  Streaming URL tab at the top of the  Share Databoard window
 Check the Limited to IP Addresses checkbox and enter your IP Addresses in the textbox. Wildcards such as * are accepted. Separate multiple IP Addresses using commas.   

How to Password Protect Streaming URLs

 Navigate to the  Databoards page    
 Hover over the Databoard whose Streaming URL you want to access. Click on the  Share Databoard icon. 
 Click on the  Streaming URL tab at the top of the  Share Databoard window
 Check the  Password Protected checkbox and enter your password in the textbox. 
 Open the Streaming URL in a new window. You will be prompted to enter your password before accessing the Databoards.

How to create a Custom Subdomain for your Streaming URLs

Learn how to create a Custom Subdomain for your Streaming URLs here.

In order to further brand and white label your Databox reports, you can create a custom subdomain to host your Databoards. This will replace "https://app.databox.com/" in your Streaming URLs. 

    Custom subdomains are available for Business Accounts and paid Agency Accounts. 

As of now, custom subdomains are not secure and only "http" domains are accepted. We are already exploring an SSL option for custom subdomains to improve this functionality.

 Create a DNS CNAME record with your DNS provider that points your subdomain to app.databox.com. In most cases, your DNS provider is where you registered your domain name. 
Pro Tip: A common naming convention for custom subdomains is "reports.[companyname].com"

Once you save your CNAME, it can take up to 24 hours for it to propagate and properly point to the Databox app.


  Email [email protected] with the CNAME you've created so that we can verify it and enter it into our system configuration.

Once your CNAME is added to our system configuration, it will replace " https://app.databox.com/" in your Streaming URLs. 

    If you are an Agency User, you will need to contact [email protected] to connect your custom subdomain to any new Client Accounts that you add to the Databox system after this process has initially been completed.

How to stream on a TV or large monitor

In order to stream Databoards on a TV or large monitor, there are a few parameters you must keep in mind. First, make sure your screen is at least 50" with full HD support. This will ensure your Databoards are displayed in the best quality possible. 

You also must make sure that your TV or monitor is connected to the internet. Streaming URLs are built to run on browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. At this time, some of the built-in browsers that come with smart TV models are not powerful enough to effectively stream your reports. Instead, we recommend using a device like Asus Chromebit, Google Chromecast, or Amazon TV Fire Stick to essentially turn your large monitor or TV into a computer.

Asus Chromebit and Amazon TV Fire Stick's functionality allows you to display Databoards on your TV with no additional device. Google Chromecast requires a computer, tablet, or phone to cast the Databoards to your TV.

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