What's the Difference between Free and Paid Plans?

At Databox, we're all about customization, so it makes sense that you can choose different plans with varying levels of accessibility depending on what works for your business. Each plan has the functionality of all lower-level plans, plus additional capabilities

All of our plans include valuable features such as unlimited metrics, alerts, goals, scorecards, the Databox Designer and Slack Integration. They can be viewed on native iOS and Android apps, Apple Watch app, tablets, computer monitors, and computers.

Free Plan

We offer a free plan that you can use forever if that's all you need. Think of this as our "three for free" plan. You can hook up 3 data sources with 3 users having access to the account, and a maximum of 3 databoards can be created. Using this plan, your data will only be refreshed once a day.

Basic Plan

For individuals and small teams, we typically recommend our basic plan. With this plan you have the ability to connect 10 data sources and create 10 databoards with 5 users in the account. 

One of the biggest improvements over the free plan is the fact that data is refreshed every hour. This gives you the ability to stay more up-to-date on your KPIs. Also with the basic plan, you have the ability to change the logo and report designs, as well as host your reports on your own subdomain and push custom data sources into Databox via our API. 

Business Plan

The next level of plans (typically recommended for small and medium sized companies) is the business plan. Your capabilities multiply with the ability to have 50 data connections, 50 databoards, and 20 users

Another noticeable upgrade from the basic plan is the Query Builder, which is our advanced setup engine that allows you to extract custom information with just a few clicks. 

Custom Plan

Finally, for larger companies with bigger needs we offer custom plans. This plan comes with the ability to create an unlimited number of data connections, databoards, and users. Data is real-time, giving you the most up-to-date view on your KPIs possible. Also included in custom plans is the ability to have an unlimited API calls and custom integrations. 

To create a custom plan that works for you contact us here or send an email to: [email protected]

We believe in Databox, and we want you to believe in it too. For that reason, we offer a free 15-day trial with business features. After your trial runs out, you can select which plan you think works best for you in the long run. 

Visit https://databox.com/pricing for more information. 

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