How to combine data from multiple HubSpot accounts

At Databox, we're dedicated to providing functionality that makes reporting quicker, easier, and more beneficial. For example, Data Calculations let you manipulate data in unique ways without having to involve any back-end engineers. 

We know that, often, HubSpot users have multiple accounts, so we wanted to provide a way to view the aggregate metrics from all of the accounts. We have created two templates called "Marketing Funnel Rollup (2 HubSpot Accounts)" and "Marketing Funnel Rollup (3 HubSpot Accounts)" to meet this need. However, there are a few extra steps you must complete after you've downloaded the template before it's ready to use. 

 Log in to the Databox web application.
 Choose "Data Manager" in the top menu bar.

 Choose "Data Calculations" in the submenu bar.

 You will see a list of previously created calculations. The ones used in the Marketing Funnel Rollup Templates are listed below.

 Click "Edit" to start linking the appropriate HubSpot accounts. You will then see a popup window that outlines the calculation. Notice that currently only 1 HubSpot account is being linked to. 
Note: you only need to regard all calculations with the corresponding number of sources you have chosen to use (2 or 3).

 You must change the calculation Data Sources so they correspond to each HubSpot account that you want to be used in this calculation. Every "variable" in the equation should be linked to a different HubSpot data source. Keep the metric selected the same.

 Once all of the variables link to a different HubSpot account, you're ready to use the template. Navigate back to the "Databoards" page to view your databoard with metrics being aggregated from multiple HubSpot accounts!
Eventually, this process will be able to be done from the Data Designer. However, for now these steps must be completed before Data Calculations will work with multiple data sources.

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