Creating a Custom Subdomain for Distributing Databoards

As a part of the branding and white labeling feature included in our; Business and Enterprise Plan, you can create a custom (sub)domain for distributing databoards. You can also hide the “Powered by Databox” label (available only with the Enterprise Plan).

Here are instructions for how to set up a custom domain:

 Create a DNS CNAME record, which points your subdomain to with your DNS provider. In most cases, your DNS provider is where you registered your domain name. 
Once you save the CNAME, it can take up to 24 hours for it to propagate and properly point to Databox.

  Notify us when you've completed step 1 and which CNAME you've created so that we can check & enter it into our configuration.

Once the above steps are complete, just open a browser window on your new device and paste your unique databoard URL.

You have the option to make the browser go full screen by pressing command + Shift + F.

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