Seeing empty charts right after connecting?

Don’t worry, data gathering just started and we are collecting it every hour/day.

If you just connected your first datasource and created a Databoard with date range “last 30 days,” “year to date” etc., but there are no previous values and changes, usually nothing is wrong. It just takes some time. At the start, we can only get limited historical data. Check back in few hours/days to see this charts getting more exciting.

Troubleshooting: To check if there are any real problems with the connection, log in to the web app, navigate to ‘Data Manager’, and check the status of the connection. If you see any kind of error, please contact us and we will resolve the problem for you.

Why can’t you get all historical data in the beginning?

To ensure good performance and quality, data sources restrict the number of API calls made to their servers in a 24-hour period. If your organization exceeds a limit, users in the organization may be temporarily blocked from making additional calls for the next 24 hours. Because of these limitations, we also have to limit the number of API calls for the first fetch that happens right after connecting. There are multiple options:

  1. API only provides the exact number for the current day
  2. API returns data only for the last X days
  3. Very specific and limited API

Here is a table with first fetch historical data for all integrations:

Connector Historical data on first fetch (connect)
Adobe Analytics 2 months
Chartbeat current day
Drift 30 days
Facebook 2 months
Facebook Ads 2 months
GitHub current day + 1 month
Google AdSense / AdMob 2 months
Google AdWords 2 months
Google Analytics 2 months
Google Play last month
HubSpot Marketing last month
HubSpot CRM last month
Instagram 2 weeks
Intercom some metrics current, history 30 days
iTunes Connect 2 months
Localytics 2 months
MailChimp 2 months
Mixpanel some metrics: 2 months, others: current day
Optimizely current day
PayPal 1 month
Pipedrive at least 2 weeks
QuickBooks 1 month
Salesforce 1 month
Shopify 2 months
Stripe 30 days
Twitter current day + 30 days
Wistia current day + 30 days
Zendesk current day + 30 days
SendGrid 2 months

If you need historical data for a longer time period right at the start, we offer full historical data with our custom plans. Please feel free to contact us to set this up.

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